Memberships 2024

On 24 April 2024, the Board of Directors of the International Polyamines Foundation ETS-ONLUS (IPFE-O) met and resolved that the payment of the “annual membership fee” to IPFE-O, for the year 2024, by the members of the polyamine group must be done no later than July 31st, 2024.

Membership fees will be used to support future Foundation activities including international conferences in the field of polyamines and their role in diseases, normal physiology, plants, and microorganisms and to support a new generation of scientists in the field of polyamines. It was unanimously decided to request an annual membership fee, as described in the table below, for supporting members who share the institutional aims outlined in the Statutes of the newly organized IPFE-O. Membership fees will only be used to support future polyamine scientific conferences and young investigators in the field of polyamines. Additional donations intended for the same uses from those interested in supporting the Foundation will be welcome. Future members of the Board of Directors and the Scientific Committee of the IPFE-O will be elected from the Foundation’s supporting members who have paid their annual membership fee. Payment of membership fees and additional donations can be made by credit card or wire transfer on the International Polyamines Foundation ETS-ONLUS website.

Registration for the International Polyamines Foundation ETS-ONLUS (IPFE-O) must be pursued individually. The annual membership is valid until December 31st, following the date of the registration payment. The membership entitles one to updates about the Foundation activities and is mandatory for application to future conferences organized by the Foundation.

The membership fee can be paid via several methods, including credit cards and wire transfers. Any additional transaction fee must be charged to the buyer. The prospective member will be asked to provide personal details such as name, surname, billing address, email address, and academic institution/company during the registration procedure.

After the checkout procedure, you will be required to email us the following documents to certify your employment status:

  • Students must upload a document certifying their enrollment in the current academic year to a Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, PhD program, or any other coursework of the same level.
  • Professors and retired professors must upload either a certificate or a self-declaration that states their current status. In the latter case, it is recommended to include a link to an institutional web page of their home institution.
  • Industry employees must upload a self-declaration that states their current status and indicates information about their employer/ company.

After payment, the registration form (, as required by the Italian legislation regulating Foundations, and the documents must be sent to the following address, (, specifying your order number and your personal details in the email. We kindly ask you to use this email also to specify additional information that you might want to add (e.g., for taxes purposes).

After the payment procedure, the enrolled member will be notified by email about the status of the registration status. Within 15 days, after the uploaded documents have been verified and the payment procedure is completed, a certification and a receipt will be sent to the new member by email.